During the game you collect Mission XP, money, MEDS* and Denim tags. When you checkout from the game and return your items youn get your score - your Fame factor. The Fame factor is calculated in a system so that a weak character has harder to get points but gets more points per item. A strong character has easier to obtain points but they will be worth less. Therefore, everybody has a chance of getting a high Fame factor and becoming a fabulous person in our Larp.

Five different Weapon tiers for you to chose from

1. Shield, Heavy armor, heavy weapons, auto rifles etc.

2. Shield, Armor, auto rifles etc.

3. Assault rifles, shotguns

4. Handguns

5. Melee weapons or unarmed

When calculating your Fame factor the tier lvl will be used as a multiple.

Fame factor = Tier*(Meds left + Denmin tags+ Money + mission XP)+bonus

* MEDS=Manganese Emergency Drug Shot

In game money

The money will be provided at check in, but don't think everybody get the same amount. All the money you collect during the game is important points for you so be sure to return every penny. There will be some stuff to buy in game, candy, snacks, drinks and easy food. We hope that in game characters also start their own businesses and we will then help out with buying the goods.

We allready know we have an ingame restaurant.

Manganese Emergency Drug Shot "MEDS"

You collect purple chrystals that you take to the Medical Center. They will make syringes for you and that will make you survive. Whithout Manganese in your blood your fore arms will start itching. Your hands will get shaky and abstinence will soon kick in. It is degenerative so eventually you will die. Be sure to get a syringe every now and then.

A syringe will last 2-4 hours. Of course you will also be able to buy medicine but it will sure be expensive.

The syringes heals you if wounded and also form smoke intoxication. Still you need to rest for some time.


We will provide ammunition. Do not use your own bullets - it is forbidden! Bring empty magazines. We will keep ammo low, to make the game more interesting.

Hits and death?

If you get hit you are the one deciding what just happened. Try to act as you get hurt. If you are seriously hurt move away from the situation and rest out fore some time. Do not enter the same situation again. In this game your character doesn't have to die. We are all hooked on Manganese that regenerate you. But a deadly shot makes you dissapear from the game a while, you decide how long.

If you have armor you can take more damage on that part of the body. We don't like HP that much. If a bullet just touches you - it did just that. If you get hammered in a weak spot of your armor with a shotgun you probably wou'nt just walk away. Don't be a slave to rules, no, our recommendation is that you always play what's more fun. How can you make the game fun for others and what makes you have fun? Let other players have their fun too.

Example: Let's say you get owned. Someone point a gun at you and you have no chance escaping. The person shoots but the gas in the gun don't work. To act on that shot anyway and let the person have it would be the most fun in that situation.

MEDS & Medical Center

If your character is educated in health care you can be a medic. A medic can heal an hurt character by using bandages. There is also a thing called MEDS in the game. MEDS syringes (Manganese emergency Drug Shots) can be used by anyone. The syringes will be provided by us or in game by the Medical Center. The Medical Center also has doctors that can provide medical care.


Always carry some loot that people can steal from you. Mark the loot pocket or bag with an "X". You may also have a lootbox, -table, -bag or whatnot at your camp. When looting somebody - loot a decent amount. Don't steal everything. It is also okay to ask.

Robots and Juggernuts

Robots will stop and be out of order for 2 minutes if shot with an EMP.

Robots and Juggernuts can take a lot of damage. Juggernuts because they have armour from head to toe and robots because they are made of metal. Ordinary shots don't affect you that much unless you get overwhelmed with shots. We don't like "HP" (health points) that much. We like you to act and decide what just happened to you. If someone unloaded a full magazine in your torso then maybe you should act damaged or hurt. We don't have "heavy weapons" and grenades on this LARP so don't be invincible.

Indirect hits (ricochet) with 40mm grenades will hurt both robots and Juggernuts.


Mutations are purely cosmetic and no particular rules apply if not specially agreed with Organizers of OFF:A. Please contact us with your suggestion:

EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

This weapon is made by using a decent camera flash. You can stop Robots with it by flashing directly in the robots face in close combat (aprox: 10m). The robot will be out of order for 2 minutes. EMP is reloaded in 15 minutes.

Gas grenades

Smoke is very toxic on OFF:A. You need a gas mask to survive. If you don't have it on you need to get it on in aprox 1 second or you get really hurt. Even small exposure can kill you. You can reverse the effect by taking a MEDS right away.

Gas leaks are a common thing in Böja, and might appear without any notice.

Gas grenades hurts all living characters including Juggernuts. Robots are immune.

The grenades can be used outdoors on safe locations - asphalt or concrete ground etc. Not inside buildings! Only colored smoke. Black and white are forbidden.


For a shield to give protection it needs to be heavy and ungainly. Shields are good protection but they break if you get hit a lot. Once again you decide how much your shield can take. If you get hammered with airsoft bbs it is probably broken after that.


Cars are unbreakable but must have the windows down so that the driver can be shot at.


The game is played in Swedish (or English when needed).



You play this game on your own risk. OFF:A will not be responsible for any damage to you or your gear or things. You are responsible for having the correct ensurance.

Age limit

Lowest allowed age limit is 15-17 years old with a signed written permit from a parent. 15-17 years old participants do not use airsoft weapons. We allow nerf if they are made post ap and good looking.

Eye protection

Eye protection will be used at all time playing!


Game stops and you contact 112 if necessary. We will provide first aid kit in Safe Zone. One of the organizers is a educated fire fighter (cell: 0046733882233) and can do some first aid.

Alcohol And drugs

We don't allow any intoxication. Beverages under 2,5% is allowed.

Airsoft weapons

We really appriciate if your guns look post ap and/or worn.

Your cqb weapon can't shot harder than 98m/s 0,25bbs or 109m/s with 0,20bbs. We recomend that your gun shoots 10m/s lower than the limits. A 109 gun at point blank hurts like a *peep*. Aim for larger bodyparts (torso) if possible. All guns will be tested and marked. Only our bullets will be used in the game, bring empty magazines.

No higher velocity guns are allowed due to short distances and narrow pathways.

40mm grenades

40mm grenades can only be fired indirect on its target, the ricochet will act as hit.

Melee weapons

We allow boffer and we will test them aswell.

Bows and Crossbows

Contact us for special permits.


Shields must have soft edges. For a shield to give protection it needs to be heavy and ungainly.

Bangers, Grenades and heavy weapons

All high pitch weapons are forbidden. We have dog owners close by and we will respect them by not making loud bangs.

Sound in general

The neighbors are informed that we play this LARP but during the night 22.00-10.00 we don't make unnecessary loud noises. Ordinary game play is okay! We will play music in the houses and fight the Denim Hoods but just try to respect people living close by. We don't need to scream walking at the road for example.

Gas grenades

Can be used outdoors on safe locations - asphalt or concrete ground etc. Not inside buildings! Only colored smoke! Black and white are forbidden.

Safe Zone

In Safe zones you handle your gun with care. Before entering release magazine and pop an empty shot. It is not recommended to take your eye protection off even here due to bbs able to reach the area. If you take your googles off, do so in a direction facing away from people playing.

Safety system In game

Sometimes the game might be physical or you might be tied as a prisoner or something like that. To prevent any discomfort we use the three colors of a traffic light to ensure everything is okay.

Word: "Red" means you don't allow what is now happening. Everybody in the situation needs to stop playing.

Word: "Yellow" means you are okay with what is going on right now but don't take it further.

Word: "Green" means you are cool with what is happening and you wan't to continue.


Böja is a quite small place so we will only allow a small ammount of cars. Smaller vehicles like bikes or motorbikes is easier to use. Organizers will provide one car.

Speed limit is walking pace. Head and rear lights must function. Cars is only to make game more fun they will add no real function more than armoured shelter and large scaled attacks.

Cars are unbreakable but must have the windows down so that the driver can be shot at.

Other peoples weapons and living quarters

You don't touch them unless allowed to. You don't enter peoples tents, you don't open peoples bags. Only steal items that is in a X-marked context.

Holy times

You don't shoot or mess with people eating or doing their needs. People needs to be left alone sometimes. Use common sense.

Open fire

We allow open fire in properly made fire or barbeque places. Handle with care. No fire inside buildings.

Polluted area

Don't consume anything from the nature. If you drop any food, leave it be.