We will make sure that everything is ready for an awesome Larp. You will be able to eat snacks and drink in game, for in game money. We will have rented toilets, enough for everyone. :) Parking and signs to the site is allready decided. We will also provide for transport from the nearest big train station so that you can travel without a car. We will have a make up station, chrono and camping areas (hard ground, bring soft beds). You are of course also allowed to sleep in game, in the buildings.

We have rented an OFF-game house, 1 km away. There you can charge your phone, use a real toilet and fix your food. We will also provide coffee here.

All that is important is allready set, so for now we focus an making an awesome game.

Starts: 8 july 2022

Ends: 10 july 2022

Get here! (Google maps):

Organizers: Fredrik Sand Ekmark and Kristofer Mannerström