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We are providing suggestions on this site. We have made factions, groups and thought the game through, but we welcome your idéas even more. Your old character can be reused here, no problem.

Start a faction or use  your old one. We welcome you whoever you are!

We have made factions that we our selfs would like to play in, and we have also made factions for thoose who are new to LARP. The Hatchlings for example - might be clean due to just have emerged from the vaults. Otherwise we want your gear to be dusty, dirty, scratched and torn apart. Steam punk and crazy idéas. We love it.

Vårfamiljen af Blomsterprakt (VAB)

Details in orange and blue, runs the Bazaar

VAB, or Vårfamiljen af Blomsterprakt runs the bar in The Bazaar. The have some small internal disagreements, due to that the group is "flower power" but the woman leader Melody Pond and her support is really rich and powerful - and runs the business of the Bazaaar. Rumors say she take good money for renting out their facility and has a lot of influence of the Black Star.

The Bazaar also have a Night Club and Melody has a finger in everything. Some people don't like that she allows Mutants to live in The Bazaar.

Medical Centre

Doctors who provide the sitizen with the important Manganese drug (M.E.D.S)

The Medical Centre is the center of power in Böja. Everyone need Manganese to survive and this is provided here. Dr Rubin is the main doctor and The Medical Centre is highly associated with the Black Star - they are almost like one unit. The Fabulous who started The Medical Centre did that with good intentions, but corruption and power struggle has made The Medical Center into a shady place. Though, rumors say that not all is evil in that building.

Black Star

Heavy armed, opressive, black star tatoo

The Black Star are a group of oppressive enforcers empowered by the fabulous who have started to realize that there are power to be gained by conscripting Hatchlings as soon as they wake up or get out from a vault.

The black star, also called "the Patrol" is sent out to search out roadsides and old vaults and make sure that they are the first that the newly hatched encounter and conscript them to their course as future labour. The Patrol bring the new people into the care of “The Doctors” that provide them with Meds and keep them in addictive servitude.

The Black Star  has the largest military influence around the village of BÖJA and are recognized by discipline and order. They have excellent gear and both large political and economical influence and also control a Manganese refinement lab which grant them a large supply of the medicine and marks them as the center of power in the region. They are both loved and hated - when the Denim Hoods come they are the most important force to fight back.

Visually they are recognized by a tattoo of a Black Star and their armed branch by big black armor and heavy assault rifles.

Techno-Cats and Manganeserna

"Robin Hood" people - the underground resistance to The Fabulous and Black Star

Rumors say that Techno Cats have a great leader. A woman that even the Black star, Fabulous and Denim Hoods fear. She lives in the shadows and stands for everything that is good and resist everything unfair in this world.

Stig - is the leader of Manganeserna. This diplomatic and calm leader lives for his people and is prepared to sacriffice everything for them or their precious drug.

The beautiful purple chrystal drug that keeps everyone alive!  Manganeserna thinks that the purple chrystal should be available for everyone. Together with the Techno Cats they resist the opression from the Fabulous and Black Star.


Mutants of humans and birds, newcomers to Böja

The mutant birds just arrived and was welcomed by VAB to live in the Bazaar in the center of town. Some people thinks it's just fine to see mutants roam around in the city centre but others thinks differently. Are these wanderers here to stay? Who are they? Can they be trusted? Bird mutants can't be that bad can they?


Faith-Acolytes of Cataclysmic Khaos

You can hear this sect sermon their believes from the pulpit of the Garage. The sect has quite alot of members and they shouldn't be ignored. Rumors say they cooperate with Techno Cats and Manganeserna in the resistance of the evil in the world.

"Din FACK:liga representant i apokalyptiska eftervärldens orättvisa"


Wastelanders in the resistance movement

You hear the name Zäta from time to time, but who is that? The Black Star is trying to find out for sure...


Wasteland scavengers and merchants from a near by village

Need something? Contact a member of Tid-Vad and they will probably find or build it for you.

Groups of people:


Colorful rich nobels - often leaders of factions, some love the 1980s and 1990s

The Fabulous are in control of Böja. They can be from different factions but they have one thing in comon. They all want to stay on top of the food chain more than anything else. They prioritize themselfs over the better of the group. Therefore they secretly cooperate to keep the power, and do so by controlling The Medical Centre and their own corrupt Police force - The Black Star.

Descendants of the first to emerge after the disaster. They got the best spoils from the aftermath and got a headstart in the new world. They are rich, healthy and strong and have a firm belief that they are better than everyone else. As they believe that they are better than everyone they secretly fear growing old and ill and have a need to hide all that is ugly or weak. Hence they have a tendency to dress in extravagant clothing and have a proud, arrogant air about them.

Today the fabulous strive for luxury, entertainment, and to make a name for oneself. To be seen is to be remembered and to be remembered is to be immortal. This in combination with their need to make themselves appear strong gives them somewhat of a risk taking behaviour. The demeanor is fitting for Heros, scoundrels and daring traders.


Gunslingers and bounty hunters

Some of those late to emerge was not content with living off the spoils of others but rather take what they need by force. 

This group is by far the most diverse, if not the most in numbers. Some live as simple raiders, taking what they can by force. Others place themselves as protectors or Warlords sending out patrols and demanding tribute from those around. Others move around by themselves or in small groups as mercenaries. Offering to help protect against others of their kind.


Settlers, shop keepers, restaurant owners and common people

The settlers appeared from the vaults after the fabulous, and found a world stripped of easy resources. They had to learn how to earn their keep. Those who couldn't learn a profession soon succumbed to the coldhearted post apocalyptic wilderness. This is where you find the generic "wastlander".

The settlers are workers, farmers and scholars alike. Some work as bodyguards and servants for the fabulous, and some work for themselves as farmers or gearheads providing much needed supplies and weapons.


Clean or dirty, New to this world from vaults or stasis sleep

There are two groups of Hatchlings, those who are “Duringers” who where put in stasis and just now waking up, and those who have lived in sheltered vaults for generations and just now emerging to the world. What is common for both kinds of Hatchlings is that they recently emerged to the fabulous world that is. All is new to them making them easy prey and those who are not swift to adapt will soon find themselves in servitude or laying in a cold wet ditch.

Those who do survive and adapt find themselves in a new world. They will have to find a way to provide for themselves, slowly turning into settlers. Most find themselves as collectors of artifacts of “the before” or of the manganese minerals needed for the cure.

Others ens up as enforcers, either by conscription into an existing gang or warband, or by taking up arms by themselves if they are fortunate enough to find one.


Mutated humans, often outcasts

Mutants are welvome in the village of Böja. Well... Techno Cats don't love them, but Disco Vipers do. So you will probably see them walking around the center of the village. VAB often protect mutants from bullies that makes the mutant life hard.


Partly or totaly mechanic

Robots is mostly seen at the garage. They love the people of Teckno Cats and at the garage they have all they need. Spare parts and technicians that love to upgrade them. Sometimes they lend a lim to a hurt Techno Cat so the love is mutual.

Denim Hoods - ENEMIES of Böja

Unfriendly raiders with denim hoods, hate Black Star's

A band of raiders lead by the infamous Jean von Da Umbrella. They roam around the wilderness looking for plunder in the shape of medicine, ammo and supplies.

Their fierce rumour is somewhat exaggerated as they tend to leave their victims alive to be plundered yet another day.

They are recognized by their use of goods made from a blue fabric commonly associated with pants...

The Black Star