Fun game



The most important right? To have fun. Therefore we will provide all the tools we think is necessary, and even more. You will be able to play our missions specially made for your character, and also do more missions that we provide. Or if you just want to play the sand box game, you are free to do that aswell. We are open for your idéas and if you ask us the question "Can I do this?" We will probably ask back: "I don't know can you do that?" with a smile. We love if you make our game more interesting.

In our stride to make a various game with both intrigues and fighting we have made point systems that gives both weak and strong characters benefits. Everybody can climb and make progress in this game. If you are triggerhappy we provide moments of hard fighting aswell.

The focus will be on interesting meetings between cool characters. The game has a lot of space inside the buildings so if you have an idéa for a shop, pub, casino you are free to bring it along.

Our vision is to provide a game with a great feeling.

Our game system has five different tiers for you to choose from. Select your tier and it will challange you accordingly. Everybody start with zero Fame factor - how high will yours be after the first game?

The game system may also be a little more structured than other Larps. Here you will get your missions written down - and the instructions will be totally clear. You will know when your mission start and when you have succeeded or failed. Of course there will be missions for you created of other players aswell, we just add one more dimension to the game.

OFF:A provides:

 - Missioncards with clear instructions.

- A great playing field.

- Solid plotlines.

- A high score ranking system - Fame Factor.

- An atmosphere of acceptence for new idéas.

- Low money inflation (we will try!)

- Fair game system (Hopefully it will feel more fair)

- Gun system that benefits even melee and small guns